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Policy Brochure

Ease Of Doing Business

1 Starting a Business
  • Invest Punjab Business First portal for regulatory clearances and fiscal incentives.
  • Sector specific list of approvals online.
  • Time bound approvals - Punjab Transparency and Accountability in Delivery of Public Services Act, 2018.
  • GIS mapping of 49 Industrial Focal Points
2 Setting up a Business
  • Power connection in Industrial focal points within 15 days
  • Online Single Window for construction permits
  • Online Land Allotment
  • White category industries exempted from approvals (PPCB)
  • Single joint site inspection for granting construction permits
3 Operating a Business
  • Invest Punjab Business First portal for regulatory clearances and fiscal incentives.
  • Validity of factories licence/renewals extended to 10+ years.
  • No inspection/renewal for registration under Shops & Establishment Act.
  • CTO for green category industries for 5-10 years. Auto renewal with self certification or third party certification

Attractive Fiscal Incentives

The State provides a variety of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to support the growth of existing industries and to attract new investments. The Industrial and Business Development Policy provides strong support to MSMEs to enhance their access to Finance, Technology, Market, Infrastructure and other needs.

The State has identified certain thrust sectors for growth and they have been provided higher incentives. Keeping in view the significance of Anchor investors, they have been offered special incentives in the policy. It has also given a package of incentives for the revival of sick industries.
Extreme Border Zone has also been given special incentives.

Policy provides incentives to following categories of business projects:

  • Manufacturing Sector Units
  • Service Sector Units
  • Large Units
  • MSME Units (as defined by GoI)
  • Start-ups
  • New Projects (Green Field Projects)
  • Expansion Projects (Brown Field Projects)

Anchor Unit as defined below gets GST incentive up to 200% of Fixed Capital Investment (FCI) in 15 Years


  Minimum FCI (Rs in Crore)

  OR Minimum Direct Employment Generation


  Apparel & Made-ups

  Footwear & Accessories


  Food Processing Industries



 Any other Manufacturing Sector or Service Sector (as defined for large Industries)



*For more detail please refer IBDP 2019 and it’s guidelines. Or contact INVEST PUNJAB for any assistance.
o apply your project, please click IP-Business First Portal at

Key Incentives available in the Policy are:

Thrust Sector

Sector Specific Special Incentives for Units in Thrust Sectors